Leadership Development

Our chapter seeks to maximize a member’s potential to be a confident role model by embracing “who you are”, which empowers their personal sense of purpose and allows them to be advocates for others.

Each year each Ticktocker class has a variety of different focuses. Beginning in the 7th grade the Ticktockers explore leadership styles and NCL, Inc. core values.  In 8th grade they learn to communicate more effectively and lead their grade level meetings.  As 9th graders, the girls further develop their listening skills, practice time management tools, and build self-confidence.  The 10th grader Ticktockers learn to strengthen conflict resolution skills, prepare for future employment, and engage in public speaking.  In 11th grade the Ticktockers establish future goals and identify college opportunities.  Lastly, as seniors this class mentors the younger Ticktockers and explores Sustainer opportunities.

Each Ticktocker class has Class Officers.

Class Officers:

  • President
  • Vice President-Philanthropy
  • Vice President-Programs
  • Recording Secretary
  • Corresponding Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Historian
  • Publicity
  • Hours and Awards
  • Ticktocker Council Representative




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